2018 Utah Green Conference Speaker Presentations

2018 Conference Schedule.pdf

Making Your Clients Water Savings Profitable For You , Richard Restuccia, Jain Irrigation

2017 Utah Green Industry Conference Speaker Presentations

2017 Conference Schedule.pdf

2017-1 Estimating System Overview Seminar PPP.ppt, Jim Huston
1. Company budget diagram HTPLIP Figure 3-1 p 18 (v1.0).xls
2. Company budget diagram labor tab 2 (v1.0).xls
3. Company budget diagram labor burden HTPLIP Figure 7-1 p 36 (v1.0).xls
4. Irrigation service work HTPLIP Figure 24-1 p 186 (v 1.0).xls
5. Maintenance package HTPLIP Figure 25-1 p 192 (v 1.0).xls
6. Crew T&M Rate HTPLIP Figure 19-1 p 155 (v1.0).xls
7. Landscape Crew Day Rate HTPLIP Figure 19-1 p 155 (v1.0).xls
8. Irrigation Crew Day Rate HTPLIP Figure 19-1 p 155 (v1.0).xls
9. Tree Crew Day Rate HTPLIP Figure 33-1 p 241 (v1.0).xls

New vs Tried & True Pesticides & Fungicides , Joseph Romeo, Romeo Packaging

Presentation 2017 UGC.pdf, Mechanics Lien Laws and Recovery Fund, Josh Sundloff, Babcock Scott & Babcock

Advanced Greenhouse Fertilization.ppt, Joe Slater

Water Harvesting - Utah Green.pdf, Harvesting Rain Water, Kevin Johnson, Munro Companies


USU Extension/KSL Greenhouse Host

Solar Greenhouses

Utah Pest News

Chinese Longhorned Beetle , Trichoferus campestris
Exotic Forest Pest Alert .pdf

The Utah Plant Pest Diagnostic Laboratory and USU Extension posts a quarterly newsletter about current problems and trends our state is experiencing. To view the electronic edition click here.

USU Extension On Line Training Seminars

New Hire Seminar for the Green Industry 3 Hours, 20 minutes viewing with, Kelly Kopp Larry Rupp, Britney Hunter, Mike Kuhns, Ryan Davis and Dennis Worwood. USU Extension
Pruning, How to Prune Trees, Shrubs and Roses 2 Hours, 18 Minutes with USU Extension, Jerry Goodspeed, Larry Rupp, Mike Kuhns, Ron Patterson, Jody Gale, and in memoriam, Larry Sagers.
Pruning Raspberries, Ron Patterson, USU Extension, Carbon County
Attracting Beneficial Insects to the Garden, Katie Wagner,USU Salt Lake County
Diagnosing Sick Plants , Britney Hunter, USU Davis County

The how to Plant Basics for Gardening with Ron Patterson, USU Extension, Carbon County & Jerry Goodspeed, USU Extension, Weber, Davis County. Planting Tomato's with Jerry Goodspeed, USU Extension, Weber, Davis County
Pruning Tomato's to Save Space, Ron Patterson
How to Grow Peas, USU
How to Grow Garlic
How to Harvest Garlic
How to Plant Corn
How to Plant Spinach
How to Plant Radishes
How to Plant Carrots
How to Plant Beets
How to Plant Swiss Chard
How to Plant Onion Sets

Large Operations:
How to Calibrate Agricultural Sprayers
More videos for your employee education programs go to USU Youtube link