Limelight Prime® Hydrangea paniculata

UNLA News,

‘Limelight’ hydrangea is a landscape staple, as is its dwarf version, Little Lime®. But there’s a new “limey” hydrangea that fits nicely into the collection: Limelight Prime®.

The original ‘Limelight’ is a great plant, but its huge flowers often overwhelm the plant and cause it to flop. Limelight Prime® was selected for its extremely sturdy stems. They hold the impressive flowers upright throughout the season for a better display in the landscape or as a cut flower.

The flowers of Limelight Prime® are deeper green than those of the original, as is the foliage. The blooms emerge a vivid lime green and maintain that color longer into the season before transitioning into bubblegum pink. They eventually will turn a rich, punch pink.

This more refined hydrangea has outstanding branching and a more compact habit: 4-6’ tall and 4-5’ wide. Compare that with the 8’ height and width sometimes found on ‘Limelight’; Limelight Prime® is a better fit for many landscape applications. When a site calls for something a little bigger than Little Lime® but not quite as tall as ‘Limelight’, Limelight Prime® is the answer.

That more compact growth and better color results in a more desirable plant for retail sales as well as landscape projects.

Like all Hydrangea paniculata, the flower color Limelight Prime® is not affected by soil pH. It’s more tolerant of dry conditions and alkaline soils than H. macrophylla although it will want regular water to look its best. Hydrangeas inspire plenty of questions from both consumers and professionals so Proven Winners® ColorChoice® has a handy reference chart to share with employees and customers:

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