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2024 UCNP Test

2024 UCNP Test

The Utah Certified Nursery Professional (UCNP) test and certification.

Tuesday, January 23, 2024
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM (MST)

2024 Utah Green Conference at Mountain America Expo Center

9575 State Street
Sandy, UT 84070
United States
10 Seats Remaining

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UCNP Program Description

On your path to professionalism in the horticulture industry, the Utah Certified Nursery Professional (UCNP) program certifies that individuals demonstrate minimum levels of experience, education, and working knowledge in the green industry.  It places you in an elite class and is advantageous in seeking employment.  Horticulture/green industry employers give a great deal of credit for the efforts taken to pass the UCNP exam.   The UCNP exam demonstrates your understanding of a wide variety of horticulture knowledge and skills to competently serve in the horticulture/green industry. 

To be a candidate for UCNP testing and certification and to stay UCNP certified you must:

  1. Be the owner or officer of a nursery firm; or have been employed by a UNLA member firm for at least one year.  Or, be a member of a UNLA firm or individual member and have successfully completed two full years of classroom study in a recognized college-level horticulture program.
  2. Successfully completed the UCNP Examination and pass with 80% Written Test and 70% Plant ID Test.

Exam Procedures

The UCNP exams are given in two phases - General Knowledge and Plant Identification.  The General Knowledge written portion of the test generally takes about one hour to complete.  The Plant Identification portion of the test will be administered by a proctor and will demonstrate your knowledge of both the common and botanical names of 30 common nursery plants.

Test results are mailed directly to the home address of the test taker within 30 days after the exam is given.

Upon certification, 10 CEUs (Continuing Education Units/Credits) will be needed over a 1-year period and a renewal fee may be assessed to keep UCNP certification current and current membership with a regular or allied member firm, or individual membership.

 Continuing Education Units/Credits (CEU’s)

One (1) CEU credit will be given for one 50-minute session of training at the Utah Green Industry Conference, Green Industry seminars and related field days or volunteer/community service. This may include ANLA, PLANET, IA, ISA and other green affiliate industries. 

Testing & Certification fee: $150.00 

10 CEUs  (Continuing Education Units/Credits) will be needed in a 1-year time frame to stay certified by the end of December 31 of each year, and a renewal fee may be assessed.

Training Manual/Required Text

The Retail Garden Center Manual - from the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources, Publication 3492, Edited by Dennis R. Pittenger.  The first manual is free and is available from the UNLA.

 Other Materials Required

Utah Sate University Extension Agency Fact Sheets and USU websites:

USU Fact Sheets are available from the UNLA.  The fact sheets and websites are available by e-mail or on-line at The Retail Garden Center Manual and Utah State University Fact Sheets are intended to be both an instructional resource and a study aid for individuals seeking to become a Utah Certified Nursery Professional (UCNP) and also basic horticulture references for UCNP members.  Chapters and Fact Sheets address important topics on basic horticulture, soil and water management, plant problem diagnosis and integrated pest management, landscape design and retail nursery sales. 

For More Information:

Paige R. Woodruff
Paige R. Woodruff
Member Service Coordinator (801)424-9223

The Utah Certified Nursery Professional  (UCNP) program is intended to promote the knowledgeable professional nursery and landscape professional among us, giving them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  Green Industry employers give a great deal of credit for the efforts taken to pass the UCNP certification exam. If you are serious about your job and advancing your career in the nursery and landscape industry then you either are certified or will become certified, it is the easiest way to show the industry that you really know your stuff.