Irrigation Technology Specialist Red Butte Garden

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The purpose of this position is to maintain the irrigation systems for all landscaped portions of Red Butte Garden, in a manner that provides the supplemental water required for plantings to thrive without wasting water, for all outdoor garden plantings, turf, plant production facilities, indoor and seasonal plant displays, and outdoor decorative and interactive fountains. Must work as a functional team with assigned supervisor in providing excellent care for the Garden’s irrigation systems and fountains, ensuring maintenance activities are performed effectively, safely, and without impact to Garden or private events by coordinating with appropriate personnel and departments as needed.

  • Performs and supports the supervisor to identify, prioritize, and implement all maintenance and repair objectives and ensure work efforts meet established expectations, best practices, timelines, and safety guidelines while avoiding conflict with Garden and private events. Maintains an effective conduit of communication/collaboration with staff and co-workers.
  • Performs and supports the supervisor in maintaining a well-functioning irrigation system and associated software programming to ensure supplemental water applied to Garden plantings meets requirements for thriving landscapes and seasonal displays while minimizing waste. Duties include:
  • Routine inspection, troubleshooting, diagnosis, and maintain/repair/replace system components as necessary, such as valves, lines, heads, nozzles, drip, clocks, back flow preventers, etc.
  • Program irrigation software (WeatherTrac), coordinating with respective Horticulturists to ensure coverage meets the supplemental water requirements for respective plantings, soil types, and grades, including scheduling, run times, coverage concerns, and weather-related and seasonal adjustments.
  • Fall shutdown/blowout, and spring startup.
  • Maintain appropriate inventory of irrigation system repair supplies to facilitate timely repairs.
  • Maintain other water-related systems such as outdoor drinking fountains, decorative fountains, pond diversion systems, greenhouse systems, etc. Duties include and are not limited to monitoring, assessing, cleaning, testing, filter maintenance/replacement, programming, and maintaining timer/clocks. Also includes seasonal startup and shutdown of these systems and the Amphitheater restrooms. Assists and supports the supervisor in maintaining the interactive fountain (Children’s Garden) according to the Garden’s Interactive Fountain Management Plan and the SLC Dept. of Health, and maintains Certified Pool Operator (CPO) certification.
  • Performs snow and ice removal operations as necessary to ensure the safety of Garden staff and guests, and in a manner that preserves garden structures, hardscape, and plant life. Collectively, snow removal duties must be performed before and during operating hours, seven days/week, including Holidays, after hours for scheduled private events, and when called to work during a University Closed Day, to clear snow before the Garden can be reopened.


This position is full-time,  year round.  $19.00 - $20.05/hr. including an excellent benefits package.

The work schedule is Tuesday thru Saturday.  Additional shifts are periodically required to provide coverage for Garden programs/events or snow removal for the same, and as ‘essential personnel’ this position is expected to provide coverage during Holidays and University Closed Days, to provide minimum garden coverage, clear the Garden for reopening, and/or respond to other emergencies as required. Occasional evening shifts during the summer. 

See posting number:  PRN35894B

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