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What’s new with Jordan Valley Water?

Water Efficiency Standards:           

In the past two years, 6 communities including Herriman, South Jordan, West Jordan, Bluffdale, Kearns, and West Valley City have adopted Jordan Valley Water’s efficiency standards for outdoor landscaping.  

What do the standards include?

The new standards incorporate elements of the Localscapes® design method and address many of the challenges associated with landscaping in Utah’s unique and dry climate.

By removing lawn from areas where it isn’t functional and requiring drip irrigation in planted areas narrower than 8 feet, landscapes can minimize water waste without compromising on curb appeal or functionality.

Learn more and read about specific community ordinances at jvwcd.org/public/wes.  

Why are efficiency standards important?

During the summer, Jordan Valley Water delivers around six times more water than in winter months—a difference primarily accounted for in landscape watering. With our state’s booming growth, future land development must consider water supply as a key component. Water-efficient landscaping standards are an important step toward a sustainable path for growth within our state. 


Free Resources for You and Your Clients:

  1. Learn with Localscapes: Find free classes, designs, ideas, and resources at Localscapes.com. We are always looking to add new professional partners to our referral list for homeowners looking to make a landscaping change.
  2. Visit Conservation Garden Park

Our 9-acre demonstration garden in West Jordan provides examples of lush and water-thrifty landscapes that your clients are sure to love. Check out the Localscapes and park strip exhibits to see elements of our efficiency standards applied.  

  1. Get Rebates with Utah Water Savers

Rebates for landscaping projects, park strips, toilets, and smart controllers are still available through Utahwatersavers.com*


*South Jordan residents should contact their city about available rebates.