Sinc Constructors Commercial Landscape Installation Award Project

UNLA News,

The UNLA awarded Sinc Constructors the Commerical Landscape Installation Award on Monday, January 22nd at our 2024 UNLA Awards Reception. 

The Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) – Herriman Campus Landscape Installation Project stands as a shining example of how innovative landscape design can create a beautiful, functional, and sustainable environment. Completed by Sinc Constructors Co., this project transformed a bare plot of 88 acres of land into a vibrant campus green space that serves as a focal point for the college community while promoting ecological responsibility.

Aesthetics and Functionality: The landscape seamlessly integrates with the modern architecture of the campus, creating a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing space. Native and drought-tolerant plants were meticulously chosen for their beauty, low water requirements, and adaptability to the Utah climate. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also minimizes long-term maintenance needs. Beyond aesthetics, landscape plays a vital role in campus life. It provides students and faculty with welcoming outdoor areas for relaxation, study, and social interaction. A network of pathways connects various parts of the campus, encouraging active transportation and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Innovative Solutions: Sinc incorporated several innovative solutions to address the challenges of the arid Utah climate and ensure long-term sustainability. A sophisticated irrigation system was designed and installed that utilized large-diameter HDPE piping, a weather-based smart irrigation controller, and an intricate physical disconnect assembly that allows the facility management to choose between culinary or secondary water supply.

Additionally, xeriscaping principles were implemented to reduce the need for excessive watering and eliminate the potential for overwatering. Sinc was able to reclaim a substantial amount of excavated topsoil that had been removed during the initial excavation and construction of the project. An on-site soil screening process was created that eliminated the need for imported soil and provided substantial cost savings to the college. 

Owner/Client Satisfaction: The SLCC community has expressed overwhelming satisfaction with the new landscape. Students appreciate the inviting outdoor spaces that enhance their college experience, while faculty and staff value the aesthetically pleasing and functional environment. The project has also received positive feedback from residents and visitors, solidifying its positive impact on the broader community.